The most important thing concerning the meeting was the following: Spanish stakeholders are taking steps towards designing their action plan. In the first and second stakeholder meetings several reports were presented about legal framework and hospital waste composition. Now, in the third meeting a proposal to design a test in order to introduce a new material or a new product in the recycling process of hospital waste was made. 

In the meeting, the project staff presented the project status, and the environmental manager of the Andalusia Public Health Service  presented, as well, a deeper classification of the hospital waste. One representative from the waste manage company presented other experiences. Then each participant their own field, decided to identify some product that currently is not classified under but has enough potential and importance that it is worth classifying. This would probably be done by some color, labeling or new manipulation. Representatives of the supplier companies will look for companies that want to collaborate with this piloting and test phase. Project staff will evaluate the possibility of carrying out a second characterization that will contrast and amplify what was done in Almería and search for similar experiences in other regions of Spain and in the partnering regions of CircPro.