On 26 June 2019, the Bulgarian partner presented "New European waste legislation", "Green circular procurements" and "Circular economy: good practices" to their stakeholders.

The meeting was organized by the Bulgarian Association of Recycling in Sofia.

Eight people participated to the gathering. They were representatives of the Ministry of Environment and Water, the Executive Environment Agency, the Ministry of Economy, the Bulgaria Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the Glavbolgarstroy AD.

The representatives of the Bulgarian CircPro partners presented activities on improving the environment; recycling and disposal of households waste; municipal waste management in Bulgaria; key measures to improve the profitability and quality of plastics recycling; key measures to reduce plastic waste and the unregulated dumping of waste; requirements to measure and prevent waste of food. Good practices in circular economy from Bulgaria and green circular procurements were introduced to the stakeholders. 

The meeting participants discussed the regional challenges related to Circular Economy and Circular Procurements.