CCDR Alentejo, CircPro's Portuguese partner, hosted the 2-day interregional partner meeting that gathered multiple partners and stakeholders to Évora, Portugal, on 16−17 October 2019.

The first day was mainly dedicated to presenting several practical examples regarding Circular Procurement in the Construction and Demolition Sector and Multi-level and Multi-sector Circular Procurement with a total of 17 presentations that included, among others, the contract process for the incubator BioBIP - Bioenergy and Business Incubator of Portalegre, Portugal, and examples of "green" circular procurements in the Region of East Macedonia and Thrace, Greece.

Study visit to Ibera, a local concrete manufacturer company, in Évora, also took place during the first day. The main objective of the study visit was to understand how the concept of circular economy can be integrated into the production and procedures of a company and get to know all the barriers that a company faces in terms of Circular Procurement.

The second day was dedicated to CircPro project good practices analysis and to management issues. The meeting started with an introduction to the submission of each partner’s good practices (GP) and the validation process. Attention was made to the GP policy-learning angle and to the transferability issues. Each partner’s GP was presented and discussed by all the partners.

You can also watch the brief video from the event!