Completed the formal membership request procedure, Regione Piemonte and University of Torino are glad to announce that University of Gastronomic Sciences, Pollenzo - met in occasion of the 3rd Stakeholder Meeting Group held by CircPro Italian Partners at the beginning of 2020 - is now part of CircPro Regional Stakeholder Group!

The University of Gastronomic Sciences is an international point of reference for the study, research, transmission and innovative processing of knowledge in the field of Gastronomic Sciences, focusing in particular on the relationship between food, ecology and sustainability. This private University - legally recognized by the Italian Government - was founded in 2004 by the Slow Food Association, in collaboration with Piemonte and Emilia-Romagna Regions.

UNISG forms gastronomes, new professional figures with multi-disciplinary skills and knowledge in the fields of science, culture, politics, economics and ecology of food, capable of driving food production, distribution and consumption towards proper, viable choices and helping to create a sustainable future for the planet.

UNISG boasts a research specialization focused on the multidisciplinary that characterizes the gastronomic context. The methodological approach springs from the University’s founding principles and is therefore based on the issues of sustainable food as a form of sustenance and of improvement of the planet’s human and natural conditions.

UNISG Research is based on three interdisciplinary areas (of which full details are available at this link

• Environment
• Perception and Quality 
• Mobility 

Finally, is noteworthy UNISG membership to:
• AGRIFOOD, an Innovation Cluster established by Regione Piemonte working to support innovation and competitiveness in the regional agri-food sector 
• Italian University Network for Sustainable Development (RUS), the first experience of coordination and sharing between all Italian universities committed to the topic of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. 

Welcome to the University of Castronomic Sciences!