The 1st Accelerator for Policy Makers of CityZen will take place digitally on Monday, July 19 (11:00 - 14:00 CET).

This event includes the application of the Scenario Exploration Systems Urban Farming 2030 tool, which is a serious game that explores issues in future scenarios, focusing on promoting a constructive conversation amongst key actors (5 key roles), and promoting integrated long-term thinking in a spirit of collaboration. 

The Accelerator as a step towards policy design  and eliciting measures to feed into the Action Plans for our regions over the next semesters.

The Scenario Exploration System (SES) designed by JRS and the Hawaii Research Center for  Futures Studies is used as assistive tool to explore implications for support policies in urban farming from the perspective of entrepreneurship, innovation and new business models. It helps understand much better the potential impact of actions before they are taken by shedding light on the possible consequences  of any action, policy or program taken today.