Project News

Staff Exchange held in Sofia


CityZen partners visited Sofia good practices on 2-3 Jun 2022

Type: Project

Staff Exchange in Frankfurt May 18 and 19, 2022


The staff exchange hosted by the Regionalpark RhineMain took place on 18 and 19...

Type: Project

Staff Exchange in Castilla y Leon


A total of 9 partners from Greece, Germany and Bulgaria are going to visit...

Type: Project

Survey results on Covid impacts to Urban Farming


The survey gathered responses by approx. 150 stakeholders in the CityZen partner...

Type: Project

Discussion on Pilot Action in Baixo Alentejo


On February, 22 Baixo Alentejo Intermunicipal Community (CIMBAL) hosted a...

Type: Project

CityZen Guide & video on DIY vertical urban gardens


CityZen guide and video diary on how to build your own vertical urban garden

Type: Project

Urban farming pilot projects in Castilla y Leon


The Natural Heritage Foundation of Castilla y León has implemented the 6 pilot...

Type: Project

An action plan for the RhineMain Regional Park


On 24.01.2022, the RhineMain Regional Park presented its action plan for the...

Type: Project

2nd Action Camp held online


2nd Action Camp was held online to present mature versions of CityZen Action...

Type: Project

6 mini vertical urban gardens debut in Sofia


CityZen Pilot Action designs Do-it-yourself vertical urban gardens to be set at...

Type: Project

2nd Accelerator & 1st Action Camp held hybrid


Hybrid events to support the design of support actions and present initial...

Type: Project

CityZen pilot to co-create DIY vertical gardens


The pilot action aims to test co-creation processes for Urban Farming...

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