Project News

2nd Action Camp held online


2nd Action Camp was held online to present mature versions of CityZen Action...

Type: Project

6 mini vertical urban gardens debut in Sofia


CityZen Pilot Action designs Do-it-yourself vertical urban gardens to be set at...

Type: Project

2nd Accelerator & 1st Action Camp held hybrid


Hybrid events to support the design of support actions and present initial...

Type: Project

CityZen pilot to co-create DIY vertical gardens


The pilot action aims to test co-creation processes for Urban Farming...

Type: Project

CityZen joined public discussion on Program of Sofia


ARC Fund and CityZen took part in public discussions for the launch of the new...

Type: Project

1st Accelerator for policy makers held online


CityZen 1st Accelerator took place digitally under the hosting and facilitation...

Type: Project

CityZen Good Practices Week


From June 28 to July 01st, we held our workshop on Good Practices. Since we...

Type: Project

Recovering biodiversity in historic urban orchards


The project Sociological management of urban historical gardens in Segovia is a...

Type: Project

Resilient Urban Agriculture and Landscapes


On 25th of May 2021, the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the Common Benefit...

Type: Project

Hydroponics and its role in urban agriculture


Hydroponics can contribute to enhance urban farming activities in areas where...

Type: Project

Impact Workshop: Inclusive governance


On April 19 and 20, the second CityZen Impact Workshop Inclusive governance to...

Type: Project

CityZen Impact Workshop


The first CityZen Impact Workshop (online) from January 21st - 22nd dealt with...

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