The Regionalpark, a prominent green space in the Rhine-Main metropolitan area, has taken significant strides to enhance urban agriculture and promote the cultural landscape. By implementing an Extension Concept titled "Developing the cultural landscape. Strengthen agriculture. Experience the Regional Park," the Regionalpark aims to complement its existing policy instrument, the Regionalpark Guiding Concept. This strategic move opens up new opportunities for urban agriculture and biodiversity initiatives within the park's framework.

The Extension Concept, a supplement to the Guiding Concept, was developed and officially authorized by the management of the Regionalpark. It is now accessible to the public on the Regionalpark's website at . Its main objective is to implement comprehensive measures that promote urban agriculture and biodiversity throughout the Rhine-Main metropolitan area.

As a crucial infrastructure element, the Extension Concept focuses on enhancing the existing Regionalpark circular route—a popular 190-kilometer path primarily used by cyclists. The plan entails implementing various projects related to agriculture and biodiversity along this route.

Several initial actions have already been initiated as part of the concept. The Regionalpark is working on expanding the "Landschaftslotsen" project, originally launched by the City of Frankfurt. These individuals serve as nature and landscape guides, offering information and education in popular outdoor recreational areas. The project intends to raise awareness of agriculture in urban landscapes.

In July, the Regionalpark will unveil the Regionalpark Klimaroute—a route designed to provide information about climate change and local resource adaptation. One of the stops along the route will specifically focus on regional food and agriculture in the Rhine-Main region. Visitors will receive information and encouragement to cook with local produce, highlighting the importance of regional products as integral components of the cultural landscape. More details about the Klimaroute can be found at

With the implementation of the Extension Concept, the Regionalpark in the Rhine-Main metropolitan area is taking significant steps to strengthen urban agriculture and promote the cultural landscape.