The 2nd Accelerator for Policy Makers and the 1st Action Camp of CityZen will take place as hybrid events on 4-5 November (10:00 - 17:00 EET) in Thessaloniki, Greece, task leaders: RDFCM and UVa partners.

The Accelerator will be based on the design thinking tools to foster creativity and participatory elements in designing new support measures for the policy instruments and Action Plans in CityZen partner regions. The workshop will address the topic on "Enhancing social innovations and social entrepreneurship in Urban Farming" and will be facilitated by Launchlabs Sofia. The event aims to build capacity on how to improve an existing public service or create a new one by the design-thinking principles.

The 1st Action Camp on 5 Nov will feature our first drafts of Action Plans followed by short discussions on potential ways for improvement and more detailed design. Each presenting region will facilitate its own discussion session dedicated to the respective Action Plan. The event is open to all partners and interested regional stakeholders!