The 10th of October, the CLEAN partners will organise the project Launch Conference in the region of Normandy (France), hosted by the project partners Cooperative Les 7 Vents. The event will take place in the Abbaye aux dames, in the city of Caen.

Firstly, a regional representative will welcome the attendants and will give an introduction to the context of Normandy and the expectations of this region from the CLEAN project. Afterwards, our project partner from the Cooperative Les 7 Vents, Florian Guillotte, will explain why our low-carbon economy project can interest local agents. According to him, "in the domain of energy efficiency policy-making, CLEAN can bear a broader visibility to the existing initiatives while giving insights to ameliorate them".

"The objective of the launch conference is to provide a clear vision of the engagements of the Normans and their 8 foreign partners in the implementation of CLEAN project to improve low carbon policies", explains our French partner.  

Furthermore, a 'Speed dating of energy efficiency' workshop will be organised between the participants to share the know-how of the regions involved in the project. "The speed dating of energy efficiency will be the moment for CLEAN partners to showcase their best practice during 16 round tables of 15 minutes. The attendants will then get to know each others references and can keep in touch for further contact", highlights Guillotte.  

Attendants will also have more time for networking and exchange of experience. 

During the afternoon, the CLEAN project partners will have some study visits to learn more about the French expertise in energy efficiency field. On the one hand, partners will visit Hérouville, supported by ERDF, a building site of social housing estate with very low energy consumption. On the other hand, they will retrofitted city suburb composed of several houses in Caen.


Picture by Wikimedia Commons.