Find in the following list some services that increase energy efficiency in housing and public infrastructure shared by CLEAN partners.

1) Regional Action Plan - Crete (Greece)

Region of Crete

The Region of Crete will focus activities in the Lissithi Plateau. These actions include LED retrofit non-efficient public lighting in the area. They will address transport emissions by facilitating electric bikes for use by visitors and local citizens to commute between villages. Information energy points will be provided in municipal school buildings to depict energy-usage visualisations to educate students about energy-saving. Plateau residents may also attend training on energy-saving issues.

2) Regional Action Plan - Donegal (Ireland)


Development of an Open Energy Data Repository that allows open access to energy-related data. Availability of this data will have a positive impact on the region by establishing a baseline, facilitating informed policy decision making and providing for research and innovation into energy-efficient solutions. This will allow for effective implementation of Action 2 where the organisation will identify new methods of fuel poverty reduction in association with local, regional and national authorities.

3) Regional Action Plan - Iasi (West Romania)

Municipality of Iasi

These Actions support improvement of energy efficiency and distribution of public lighting in the Iași Municipality. This will be achieved with energy efficient LEDs and a remote management system. The Iași Clinical Hospital for Recovery will also experience a major retrofit to increase the energy efficiency rating from Class D to Class B. This is achieved by applying a knowledge transferred concept of deep renovation with innovative solutions for the building envelope, lighting, lifts and implementation of renewable energy solutions.

4) Regional Action Plan - Naples (Italy)


A series of activities to be conducted in five regional hospitals that will include installation of a Solar PV Plant for solar cooling and also a reduction in energy consumption with LED lighting. Building envelopes will be adapted and construction of thermal insulation in polyurethane foam among other renovations to improve energy efficiency in this category of municipal building.

5) Regional Action Plan - BasseNormandie (France)

SCIC les 7 Vents 

These actions will provide economic incentives to Normandy schools where 50% of financial savings made from energy-use reduction will be contributed to the school for implementation of other projects that directly benefit the students. There will also be an experimental implementation of a pedagogical site to teach energy saving behaviour to diverse groups such as immigrants and students. This will be facilitated by imagery and example to break the barrier of language and culture.

6) Regional Action Plan - North Karelia (Finland)

Regional Council of North Karelia

Tohmajärvi Municipal Council have procured a new education centre where they intend to implement innovative energy-saving solutions to help reach ambitious environmental targets. Contractors were instructed to aim for an energy performance class of A or B (on a scale of A–G). This is in line with Action 2 where The Regional Government of North Karelia decided in October 2019 that North Karelia will apply for a membership in the HINKU Network as a region. The region has now met the criteria and this status was acheived in June 2020.

7) Regional Action Plan - San Sebastián (Spain)

Fomento de San Sebastián

These actions will implement new SMART public lighting infrastructure with LEDs, movement sensors and remote monitoring and control in a popular city street in the region. There will be implementation of an energy efficiency advisory service for citizens and organisations who wish to improve energy efficiency and implementation of a SMART energy management system as a part of a residential building retrofit.

8) Regional Acton Plan - Savinjska (Slovenia)


These actions will implement energy efficiency activities including introduction of SMART lighting, sensors, remote monitoring and LEDs in the Savinjska region. There will also be a 'positive energy challenge' where families compete to effectively reduce energy consumption in their domestic households. Finally, a digital application will be developed to educate citizens on methods to reduce energy consumption and benefit from financial savings.

9) Regional Action Plan - Västernorrland (Sweden)

Regional Council of Västernorrland

The actions will positively impact two schools with Solar PV installations that improve the use of renewable energy and other energy efficiency solutions that include chargers for electrical cars, LEDs, an improved SMART energy monitoring system and rotating heat recovery for ventilation units. The plan will also install Solar PV panels in 50 Regionfastigheter public buildings.