The ‘How to reduce energy costs? With sustainable solutions for everyone to the Integral Green Region’  international conference will take place on Wednesday 12th September in the Small Congress Hall at the International Trade Fair MOS in Celje, Slovenia. CLEAN project partners will meet here for the morning seminar, where lead partner Dr Caitriona Strain will present our project. The agenda for the morning is as follows:

1. Welcome and conference opening

Bojan Srot, Mayor of the Municipality of Celje

Mag. Branko Kidric, Mayor of Rogaska Slatina, president of the Development Council of the Savinjska region

Mag. Robert Otorepec, Director of Celjski sejem d.d.

2. Project CLEAN -Technologies and open innovation for low-carbon regions

Dr Caitriona Strain, ERNACT, lead partner on Interreg Europe project CLEAN

3. Cross-sectoral synergies in regional policy in the Republic of Slovenia

Dr Robert Drobnic, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology

4. From strategic guidelines to financial support of innovative projects for a low-carbon economy

Dr Darja Piciga and Jasmina Karba, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning

5. Energy management of public buildings

Cveto Fendre, researcher and professor at School center Velenje

6. Innovation as the key to an economically efficient transition to a low-carbon society

Jernej Stritih, Stritih d.o.o.

7. Bio-isolation – Conceptualizations of mycelial insulating panels

Janez Gorensek, Biosystem Engineer, director of IAMB -Institute of Applied Mycology and Biotechnology

8. Energy management for local communities

Bostjan Krajnc, Mechanical Engineer, director of Energy agency KSSENA

9. Energy rehabilitation of public buildings owned by Municipality of Celje through public-private partnership and cohesion funds

Sandi Marzidosek, Secretar at Municipality of Celje

10. Overview of good practices in improving the energy efficiency of buildings in the Savinjska region

Jurij Stritih, Stritih d.o.o.

11. The Savinjska region as a model of an integral green region

Dr Darja Piciga, Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning

12. Discussion

To facilitate the organisation and entry to the fair, RASR asks partners to register for the event by 7th September 2018 by mail to [email protected] 

In the afternoon, CLEAN partners will have the opportunity to visit some of the good practices that RASR have identified as relevant for the CLEAN partnership. The following day, partners will meet in the Municipality of Laško's building for the third steering group meeting where they will discuss project progress and activities.