SCIC Les 7 Vents CLEAN partners from Caen, Normandy (France), will host one of the two third and last staff exchanges of the project, that will take place in the regions of Västernorrland and Normandy during November 2018.

Our French partners have prepared a two-days agenda based on the feedback and interests of some of the CLEAN project partners and stakeholder groups that will attend this staff exchange. In that way, representatives from the SCIC Les 7 Vents will present the program and objectives of the visit.

During the first day, attendees will meet at the «Dôme», Caen Collaborative space of open innovation, fab lab / living lab. There, further information will be provided about local good energy practices:

  • 'Serious game: renovation challenge'. Partners and stakeholders will have the opportunity to understand the making of and the use of the serious game "challenge retrofitting" and about the activities of the sustainable development service of Caen city. Attendees will also evaluate where they are regarding a potential adapting of the practice in their region.
  • 'Positive Energy families'.  French partners will explain this challenge, its impacts and the ways to engage with citizen for energy savings. Participants will evaluate the opportunities to disseminate this good practice into their regions too.
  •  'Regional strategy: a chain of confidence for the retrofit of households older than 15 years'. Make understand the logic behind the proposed support scheme and explain key success factors and pitfalls to avoid. SCIC Les 7 Vents will also showcase SME actions in the regional system as well as actions for digitalisation and buildings.

The second day participants will visit the «Pavillon», Caen Resource center about urbanism,  architecture and landscape to hear about two more good energy practices: