The 6th partner meeting of the CLEAN project will bring all nine partners together to discuss project activities and progress in Heraklion (Crete), hosted by the Region of Crete.

CLEAN partnership will also present Regional Action Plans and review the project workplan, roles, responsibilities and contributions required in the next semester. 


Interregional Thematic Seminar

On the 24th September, after the Steering Committee Meeting takes place, Greek partners will host a thematic seminar including presentations about the following topics:

  1. "Energy footprint in the 'Athena' historic building"; Zacharias Doulgerakis, Mechanical Engineer 
  2. "Energy saving in Industry"; Ioannis Aspirtakis, Mechanical Engineer 
  3. "Sustainable energy and Climate Action Plan: the case studies of the Municipalities of Chalandri, Veria and Viannos"; Representative of ETAM S.A. 

Site visits

On the 25th, the 6th and final study visits of the CLEAN partnership will enable partners to visit some of the good practices that the Region of Crete have identified as relevant for the CLEAN partnership:

  • Hellenic Mediterranean University, Electrical Engineering Department : partners will visit the Lab of Energy and Photovoltaic Systems, the Power Systems Lab and see innovative techniques for the development of flexible organic photovoltaics that use the chemical stability of graphene in integrating graphical structures into the various structural elements of a photovoltaic cell, greatly enhancing performance and prospects for rapid commercial exploitation.    
  • TALOS High Voltage Test Station : a research and testing center, aiming to aid network protection and reliability. As maintaining a power system's reliability is a difficult task and furthermore, new issues keep raising, constant research is required to maintain and boost reliability, keeping it as cost-effective as possible. TALOS High Voltage Test Station is one of the three stations in Europe that aims to enhance research in the fields of outdoor insulators, marine pollution and clamp testing. 

Furthermore, hosting partners will also organise an Interregional Thematic Seminar that will gather together local experts and international stakeholders.

Picture by Region of Crete, Heraklion.