Presenting the action plan and the action Consultancy Programme for SMEs for Circular Economy

17 participants attended the last regional stakeholders meeting organised by the Central Bohemian Innovation Centre in phase 1. This meeting was designed as a closing session focused on a summary of the project realization, presentation of the Central Bohemian Action Plan and introduction of an action Consultancy Programme for SMEs for Circular Economy, where regional entrepreneurs can get advisory services in areas of business development, organization, cooperation and finances.

During the meeting we presented summary of IRLE 5, especially a Spanish good practice Circular itineraries using biomimetic canvas that was as a key input for our Action plan.

Considering that construction waste represents one of the very significant problems and challenges of the circular economy for the regional municipalities, the meeting program included the presentation of a very successful example of a good practice, which is the Catalog of Recycled Building Materials created by the University Center for Energy Efficient Buildings of Czech Technical University (UCEEB). This example of good practice is also included in the Good Practices Handbook. The presentation was very successful and its inclusion in the program was highly appreciated by the regional stakeholders.