Adoption of the action plan to support and monitor local actors in the field of circular economy and research

The COLOR CIRCLE action plan has been signed by the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté Region’s President on the 13th of July 2022. Through this action plan, the COLOR CIRCLE project aims at supporting circular economy development, by promoting partnerships between local authorities and actors, and links with the research field.

The action plan implementation follows several objectives:

  • promoting projects emergence and implementation, as well as links with research;
  • facilitate projets holder’s access to existing regional tools and ressources;
  • contribute to Bourgogne-Franche-Comté’s reflection on regional support modalities, in particular towards rural areas and actors, as well as local authories that lack project engineering.

These objectives are to be achieved through :

  • animating and revitalizing the network of local stakeholders involved in the COLOR CIRCLE project;
  • accompanying and supporting initiatives creating links between research and innovation projects in the field of ressource saving ;
  • mobilizing research actors (as part of the implementation of the regional circular economy roadmap - FREC).

Several practices of local and European partners have inspired and contributed to elaborate the action plan:

The implementation of this action plan relies on the commitment of local stakeholders, involved in the COLOR CIRCLE project, such as:

  • ENSAM (Ecole Nationale supérieure d’Arts et Métiers), in Cluny, with a view to expanding work on zero-treatment wood and reused wood;
  • France Nature Environnement, engaged to develop possible connections between its transition action program and research actors;
  • SIEEEN (Syndicat intercommunal d’énergies, d’équipement et d’environnement de la Nièvre), which aims at encouraging the search for new materials in the region and to increase the skills of the construction industry;
  • Active 71;
  • Saône-et-Loire Departement Council;
  • La Source du Nivernais.

The approval of this action plan launches the second phase of the COLOR CIRCLE project, that will be dedicated to its implementation and the animation of the local stakeholders network. This phase 2 will last until July 2023.