Last partner meeting in Brussels

After the final dissemination event which took place in the morning, partners attended the last project meeting on 30/03/2023. The meeting focused on reviewing the action plan implementation and identifying the added value of the project for each partner and each regional ecosystem.

The Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region identified many local actors active in circular economy due to COLOR CIRCLE, which led to an increase in the number of projects on CE. The implementation of the action plan has also helped the region increase internal transversality and strengthen the collaboration around the regional circular economy roadmap.

The Central Bohemian Innovation Center (SIC, PP3) made an overview of its consultancy programme for SMEs. The consultancy programme has been supporting 5 companies. At the end of the second phase, SIC is due to evaluate the benefits of the initiative before integrating the pilot to their portfolio of consultancy programmes.

The University Van Hall Larenstein (VHL, PP4) implemented two actions: a contract for Ecoservices delivered in agricultural landscape and project vouchers to stimulate circular farming. They are in close contact with the Provincial Government to define the priorities under the contract, while the farmers were interviewed in 2022 to identify the needs vouchers could respond to.

The Regional Development Agency Centru (RDA Centru, PP5) is adapting the circular living lab from the Dutch partner. The first step consisted in creating five working tables. The persons involved in the process were consulted on the first drafts of the calls for urban mobility, green and blue infrastructure, urban regeneration, energy efficiency. The second step relied on drafting a concept note.

The County Council of Granada (PP6) relies on its Puentes programme to increase its cooperation with the University of Granada. This is now the third edition of the programme Puentes, which is quite successful.