Panattoni Europe Company won “Turning waste into resources” Competition announced by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Czech Republic meeting the requirements of the BREEAM Certification by using record amount of secondary raw material during brownfield revitalization which was located in place of cancellous Škoda Trolleybus factory. Totally 98.7 % of C&D waste was recycled straight in Panattoni Company premises. Secondary raw material replaced natural materials that was saved from wasting.

An important aspect of Circular economy is a transfer of Waste into source. Developer and Industrial zones Constructor Panattoni have decided to revitalized an old brownfield that used to be plant for the production of trolleybuses. The company approached rebuilding the object cleverly and sparingly. Firstly, a necessary part of the building was disassembled, without using an explosive, and remediation of dangerous waste was made. Crucial was using of demolition waste in the construction site and its transfer into the construction material.

Resulting effect:

- 98.7 % of C&D waste was recycled

- Recycling was made in the construction site without needless material moving

- Environment impact was minimalized in compare with usual methods.

Brownfield revitalization is supported by funds provided by Ministry of Trade and Industry of the Czech Republic. Funds can be used either for demolition and construction or reconstruction of brownfield.