WCC-Europe presents a new webinar in the framework of the New European Bauhaus (NEB) online conference series.

“Crafting the path to a greener Europe” is a free, online event, aimed at discovering and debate about the values and principles with what the crafts sector promotes sustainability. It is scheduled for October 19th, 2022, at 5PM CEST (4PM GMT+1).

WCC-Europe aims to strengthen the status of crafts as a vital part of cultural, social and economic life, promoting a sense of fellowship among the global craftspeople community, offering to its members encouragement, assistance and advice.

Particular attention will be paid to the  New European Bauhaus values. Indeed, this online event is part of the NEB webinar programme, implemented within the framework of the “Crafting the Future” project (Creative Europe Programme) and it will unfold the project goal no. 5. “to highlight and accelerate the important transformative role the European craft sector plays as a driver of sustainability and circular economy, maximising its potential to combat climate change, including reducing the environmental impact of its activities”.

Craftspeople will play an important role in shaping a beautiful and sustainable future. We also identify the need of developing new forms of collaboration and strengthening of professional communities. Likewise, sustainability and circular economy are ranked highest among the current sector challenges.

The webinar aims to contribute to enhancing the capacities of the craft sector in building a more resilient and sustainable society, by encouraging the necessary adaptation of best practices in the craft sector.