On the 20th and 21st of September 2022 in Velenje, Slovenia KSSENA hosted a workshop part of the DeCarb project in the framework of the 5th Call activities, dedicated to risk management in decarbonization planning & resilient transitions through energy citizenship.

The participants in the workshop shared good practices from their regions on how to handle the COVID-19 challenges and the world crisis and its effect on the energy transition in the regions. Different ideas from energy citizenships, upskilling centers, and different mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating the TJTPs' progress and the decarbonization's progress in the regions.  The topic of the government of the TJTPs was also a focal point of the discussions with great examples shared by the partners. 

Apart from the fruitful discussion, the workshop was also focused on the evaluation of the good practices presented. All partners could share their expert opinion on what extent the proposed good practices are applicable in their own regions. 

The consortium continued our inspiring stay in Velenje, Slovenia by taking part in the international conference WELCOMEFUTURE2022, dedicated to the new opportunities to decarbonize the district heating in coal-dependent regions. A very important topic for the consortium and very beneficial for the exchange of the experience the workshop provided to all of the DeCarb partners. 

We could discuss all our concerns, regarding decarbonization directly with representatives from DG REGIO, EBRD, and EIB.

As part of the visit, the DeCarb consortium was also able to visit the Museum of Mining in Velenje, Slovenia. The museum is set up in a former functioning mining shaft and was an excellent interactive experience to allow all of us to get a better understanding of how coal has been and is still extracted in this region. 

Thanks to our partners from KSSENA and AGENEX who jointly organized this so very useful visit and exchange of experience.