Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development is the lead partner of DeCARB project and organized its kick-off meeting in Stara Zagora on the 27th and 28th of June. DeCARB supports the clean energy transition of coal-intensive EU regions, it will go thorugh until May 2023 and its budget is just over 1,8 million euros.

The low-carbon energy shift of EU economies will have a profound economic & social impact on regions extensively involved in coal value chains. It is however acknowledged that this transition needs to be fair; EC’s "Clean Energy For All Europeans" package was set in place to speed the clean energy transition and growth & job creation. To this end, DeCarb will support public authorities to initiate efforts, join forces and exchange experiences to: a) identify growth strategies to mitigate the impact of decarbonisatoin, b) make the most of EU funds & financing tools, and c) promote public dialogue on conflicting interests.

The meeting brought together the 9 project partners that belong to 9 different countries: Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Slovenia and Spain. During the project, they will exchange experiences & transfer knowledge on how to transition from the carbon-intensive era towards the clean energy future.