Wieruszów can become the first commune in Poland, where civic energy will become applicable. The initiating meeting was a venture held few days ago at the seat of the Municipal Office.

Civic energy in Wieruszów is the idea of ​​Dr. Anna Dyląg, an expert of the European Commission. - The commune has a chance to develop in the area of ​​energy.

This will improve the state of air quality, reduce energy prices, which is necessary for the development of local industry, reduce energy bills for ordinary Kowalski, who now feel it in their pockets.

Dr Anna Dyląg, who is already acquainted with the residents, announces further talks and discussions:  "We will collect information from all residents, entrepreneurs of the Wieruszów commune. We will consider the needs of all involved and interested people. On the basis of these needs, an action plan for the municipality of Wieruszów will be created, as a result of which we will apply for various funds from EU or national funds. It is the first city in Poland that develops civic energy. I deeply believe that this initiative will succeed and to this will encourage other municipalities to develop energy through social participation", said.

So far, 150 low-emission boilers have been listed in the Wieruszów commune, with the participation of the self-government budget funds. Thanks to the cooperation of the local government with the expert, the representatives of the "Clean Air" foundation will soon appear here, who will help the residents free of charge when writing applications for obtaining RES financing or thermo-modernization of buildings.