Lodzkie Region protects the climate by using renewable energy. Looking at the ecological landscape of the Lodz region over the last few years, we can venture a statement that the demand for so-called "Green investments", including those related to renewable energy sources (RES), are becoming more and more popular among institutions (eg local government units, housing communities), entrepreneurs as well as residents of the Lodzkie region. Lodzkie Region "infected" with the fashion for ecology, the awareness that it is necessary to care for the environment around us is constantly growing and brings tangible benefits even in the form of liquidation of low emissions, that is, reducing emissions to the atmosphere. All this is largely due to investments that are associated with renewable energy sources. In many communes in the Lodz region, wind parks for the production of green environment-friendly electric power have been invested, local governments are trying to use thermal water as ecological sources of heat. Residents install solar collectors, thanks to which, in an ecological way, they can even heat useful water, or support the central heating system at home, or replace so-called "cinders" for ecological heat sources, such as heat pumps or biomass stoves.

It has been the presentation of selected investments from the Lodz region - where we can find the Geothermal heating network for the city of Uniejów. This investment includes:

  1. The construction of a geothermal heating network for the City of Uniejów together with a heating center based on thermal waters.
  2. The construction of a biomass boiler house.

The ecological benefits of investments are the following:

  1. The improvement of air quality by eliminating existing dust and gas pollution.
  2. The reduction of pollution of the natural environment with heavy metals contained in waste (mainly in slag and ash) after coal combustion and significant elimination of CO, and thus CO2 (CO oxidation product).      

Source: www.epiotrkow.pl/news/Wojewodztwo-lodzkie-chroni-klimat-wykorzystujac-OZE,33670