Smog and air pollution is a civilization problem. Air pollution causes various diseases, including lung cancer, which is the most common, the risk of miscarriage increases, and it causes nervous system diseases.
Private cars traveling on streets of Lodz also have a significant impact on air pollution. That is why the city authorities focus on the development of electromobility. But, as Vice-President Adam Wieczorek emphasizes, without first creating a network of charging stations, you can not expect that the boats will start exchanging cars with combustion engines for electric cars.
Therefore, by the end of 2020, it is planned to launch 210 generally accessible electric car charging points in Łódź. Residents of Łódź will be able to submit location suggestions for electric car charging stations. Localization proposals will be verified by officials, because in each of them the location of the charging point may not be physically and legally possible.
As Maciej Mazur emphasizes, the Polish Alternative Fuels Association, electromobility is an extremely dynamic trend.
In addition, on March 18 at the Technical University of Lodz took place a training organized by the city together with the Polish Alternative Fuels Association. During this training, we talked about the economic aspects and the financing of electromobility.