The second stakeholders' meeting of DeCarb project: "Supporting the environmental transition of EU regions where coal is exploited" was organized by the Regional Development Agency of Southwest Oltenia in Turceni, Gorj County. on May 15th, 2019.

The event was attended by representatives of South-West Oltenia ADR, representatives of the business environment, as well as public authorities from the southwest region of Oltenia.

The event was opened by Ms. Lavinia Cretu, Activity Implementation Manager, who spoke about the EU's concern about decarbonisation, followed by a welcome speech by the Mayor of Turceni, Ms. Cristina Cilibiu.

This event continued with the presentation of DeCarb project, which included the objectives, activities and expected results, as well as a synthesis of renewable energy sources in Romania and their benefits in energy production, presented by Ms. Laura Buzatu, expert in projects.

After these presentations, the discussion focused on the participation of stakeholders in the implementation of the project. During the event, participants had the opportunity to participate in an exchange of opinions and identify the main needs in terms of the transition to renewable energy in the southwest region of Oltenia.

In the second part of the meeting, Ms. Mihaela Lupancescu, an expert on the project, presented the financing opportunities in the energy-related sectors and gave the participants the opportunity to know the current sources of financing available in the energy sector.

Stakeholders responded positively to the actions proposed in the project and expressed their interest in participating actively in all working groups and in the exchange of experiences that will be organized within the project.

Representatives of the Oltenia Power Complex and the Turceni Thermal Power Branch presented a number of relevant aspects of the sector.

Also, particular interest was expressed in actions to identify growth strategies to reduce the impact of decarbonisation.

Mr. Robert Filip, Mayor of Rovinari, presented the local situation regarding the energy sector, focusing on the necessary financing and investments, stating that there is a real concern of the representatives of local administrations in where there are dumps, to associate and to develop, on those lands to be restored, new capacities to produce electricity through photovoltaic panels.

The conclusion of the debate can be summed up in the fact that there is a real concern of the local authorities with regard to decarbonisation, that they are willing to work together to find the best financing solutions for investment, and they are also interested in learning about the good practices and the experience of the partnership.