The coordinated, effective, and efficient delivery of cycle training, safety and marketing has played a significant role in increasing cycling and walking across the West Midlands – so much so that it became the main field of action for its Action Plan.

According to Transport for West Midlands, the region is also aiming at raising the levels of cycling across its metropolitan areas (Coventry included) to 5% of all trips by 2023 and 10% by 2033.

With its Action Plan, West Midlands is aiming at establishing awareness-raising activities for extending and promoting the use of cycling and walking among its citizens, daily commuters/visitors and stakeholders.

Its AP focuses on three actions:

  1. Training about marketing techniques for sustainable mobility provided to stakeholders, organisations and businesses alike that are involved in the Coventry & Warwickshire Green Business Programme
  2. Mass cycling event during Summer 2022 to promote cycling among the population of Coventry on the backing of the Commonwealth Games of 2022
  3. Go-Park campaign – Commonwealth edition

ACTION 1: On the way to building capacity

West Midlands aims to further promote the e-smartec course "Build the engagement strategy of a SUMP" to proactively engage stakeholders and citizens in sustainable mobility planning beyond the project lifespan. The e-course, which was concluded at the beginning of 2022, is currently available online and will be promoted until December 2022 as part of the CW Green Business Programme.

Current status

West Midlands promoted the e-smartec e-course at two events:

  • On 26 April 2022, a webinar entitled ‘Fuelling sustainability in your Warwickshire business: Greener Transport’ was held, attended by 19 participants;
  • On 4 May 2022, a webinar entitled 'Renewable energy and green transport' was held, with a total of 121 people registered and 74 in attendance.


ACTION 2: Making their way… downtown… on a bike

Coventry City Council was in charge of hosting a mass cycle ride event during the summer of 2022. This event has aimed to promote sustainable mobility – specifically cycling – among citizens.

Action 3: Go Park, for reals

The campaign, linked to the Commonwealth Games 2022, has the objective to raise awareness of walking in parks located in Coventry among children (and young families). QR codes were scanned each time a child would walk across a park and a contest between schools was organised in the background of the action.

Current status

The Active School Challenge – Commonwealth Edition 2022 was held from 1 to 17 July 2022.

For more detailed information about this plan, check e-smartec's online library here

Picture backdrop by Elliott Brown, Flickr.