The catalogue was produced by The Regional Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development in the scope of ECO-CICLE Interreg Project.

The good practices analysed are initiatives related to cycle tourism development and promotion that have been successful in Spain.

The aim of the Catalogue is to identify and describe successful experiences around the country and so to produce a document that gathers information that could be useful for other stakeholders that are involved in cycle tourism projects or activities, specifically to those which has been or are going to be financed by European funds. Specifically, the experiences tend to be long-distance cycling routes that could motivate the development of similar projects under funding coming from the Operative Program FEDER Andalucía 2014-2020 and even the next Operative Program FEDER Andalucía 2021-2027. They will also help to foster the ECO-CICLE Action Plan in Andalusia.

This selection of stimulating good practices could be also used to inspire similar actions in Andalusia, due to the big potential of Andalusian natural and cultural resources. These initiatives could be viable in a short term and thus could help to successfully position Andalusia as a privileged destiny for cycle tourism.

The Catalogue is available here.