The Everywhere International SMEs (EIS) project has many stakeholders all over Europe. Here you can meet a selected few who are involved in the EIS project.

Name: Lucyna Formela

Country: Poland

Function: Development Manager

Institution: Gdansk Entrepreneurial Foundation / Gdansk Business Incubator STARTER

“We participate in the EIS project through the internationalisation programme for SMEs the  ‘Pomeranian Export Broker’, which was presented during the EIS peer review in Gdansk.

In my opinion, peer reviewing is a very effective way of gaining insight from other organisations being experts in export issues in their regions. Their opinions and the various models used by them to support e.g. export activities can be very inspiring and add great value to what we do in our region.”

Picture at the top: Stakeholder by Nick Youngson licenced under Creative Commons BY-SA 3.0