Green Public Procurement and EMAS

"How to use GPP to incentivize the EMAS implementation?"

Our Estonian partner, the Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre, will host the next thematic workshop on the 13th and 14th of February. It will be focused on the use of EMAS within the Green Public Procurement processes. This issue has been one of most requested demands by various stakeholders since the beginnings of the implementation of EMAS so expectations are very high.

Partners will learn about GPP trends and the current situation of GPP in Europe from a DG Environment Representative. They’ll debate on how to use GPP to incentivize the implementation of EMAS in organizations belonging to those sectors that mostly work for the public administration. It’ll be a great opportunity to envisage opportunities and also analyse then current barriers of using EMAS as a technical or award criteria in tenders and contracts. 

 Partners and stakeholders will share information and experiences on good examples of using EMAS or environmental management in GPP in partner countries as well as ways to overcome the barriers.