This time the topic of the thematic workshop will be the Environmental Inspections and the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).

Participants will focus the debate on different aspects that will lead to the role of environmental accredited verifiers and will provide answer to the following questions:
1. Is EMAS part of the national legislation regarding environmental inspections? Is there a difference to the IED?
2. How does the practical implementation of inspections work?
3. What is the difference between EMAS organizations and Non-EMAS organizations regarding environmental inspections? (in theory and in practice)
4. What experiences do EMAS organizations have regarding environmental inspections? (Challenges, benefits, burdens, costs, resources, …)
5. What is the current role of the EMAS verifier regarding environmental inspections?
6. Which is the number of companies affected by environmental inspections and the number of EMAS companies affected by environmental inspections?