EMAS as a Nest to Help And Nurture the Circular Economy

ENHANCE additional activities Interregional Meeting

March 29th, from 10:00 h – 12.00 h through the Microsoft TEAMS platform.

On March 29th ENHANCE partners will meet at the Interregional Meeting that will be held online through the Microsoft TEAMS platform.

Interreg Europe opened in April 2021, a 5th call, specifically for the extension of project activities for one year, to estimate the impact of the COVID crisis on the issue addressed by the projects, identify experiences to face and recover from the crisis and improve the regional policies of the different regions.

The additional activities for ENHANCE project (01/09/2021 – 31/08/2022) was approved on August 2021, to further exchange experiences on the way the COVID crisis impacts the EMAS Scheme.

This Interregional Meeting aims at sharing and exchanging experiences on EMAS to face and recover from the COVID crisis adopted by the participating regions in this extension of the project (Catalonia, Italy, Austria and Estonia). The meeting will also be attended by a representative of the DG Environment, Sustainable Production, Products & Consumption of the European Commission, who will present the recommendations and instructions on EMAS Scheme provided by the European Commission to the Competent Bodies during the COVID pandemic and state what the current situation is in this respect. In addition, representatives of EMAS-registered organisations, EMAS Competent Bodies and EMAS Verifiers from the participating regions will participate.

The Interregional Meeting will be attended by all the project partners together with some of their most relevant stakeholders and those who can contribute some good practice of interest that could be transferred among the participating regions.