Eixo Atlántico do Noroeste Peninsular from Braga -Portugal having the role of  lead partner,organized from 29-31 May 2019 within the Cross-border Tourism Fair a European Cross-border Tourism Forum of the EPICAH –  Effectiveness of Policy Instruments for Cross – Border Advancement in Heritage project. In the forum were presented the evaluation document and the strategic plan for Iberian cross-border tourism, the successful projects in this area for the Hispanic-Portuguese border area, the supporting document on the need for a common European policy on cross-border tourism, approach to the cultural, natural and tourism cross-border heritage from the perspective of European Cross-Border Cooperation Programs, respectively, successful projects in the field of tourism and cross-border cultural heritage in the areas of the project partners.
The meeting was attended by the following project-partners: Eixo Atlántico do Noroeste Peninsular from Braga -Portugal,  Asociación Ibérica de Municipios Ribereños del Duero from Spain, Tokaj Borvidék Fejlődéséért Nonprofit Kft.-Hungary, Regional Development Fund / Region of Western Macedonia from Kozani-Greece, Peipsi Koostöö Keskus from Tartu-Estonia,  Regionální rozvojová agentura Plzeňského kraje, o. p. s. from Plzeň-Czech Republic, Satu Mare County Intercommunity Development Association.Local, regional and national decision-makers for the Hispanic-Portuguese border area were present at the Forum, the event being presented in the regional and central media in Portugal.