From October 16 to October 19 2017 the INTERREG ERUDITE partners will meet in Donegal County (Ireland) to work on open innovation and social return on investment local processes, to explore  new frontiers of innovation through study visits and above all to work on the theme of "digital hubs".

The main event will take place on October 18 2017 at Áislann Ghaoth Dobhair centre; the title of the Workshop ‘Connecting Digital Hubs and Innovation Centres’ across Europe’.

The tentative programme is as follows:

>Digital Innovation Hubs in Donegal, reality and ambition - Donegal Digital Action plan representative
>Streaming/video recorded presentations from other hubs in ERUDITE partnership and others
> Vision of European ‘Hub’ network
>Panel session with representatives from Donegal Digital working group, ERUDITE partners and stakeholders and EU representatives

More information will be provided in the next weeks.