From March 13 to March 16 2017, Erudite partners and international stakeholders will meet in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for 4 days of workshops, study visits and events on digital services and innovation.

Downloadable PDF agenda on the Erudite partnership and stakeholders event can be found here.
The programme includes:

1) RuNe project presentation:  
2) Smart City solutions for responding to real public, private and community needs: Presentation of National Telco operator & SME cooperation good practice - Smar tIS City and Telekom Slovenije are deploying smart city solutions for servicing real needs among various stakeholders in municipalities. New business models for engaging local private and public partners are introduced and supported with smart applications and infrastructure. Broadband connections and ICT infrastructure are an enabling technologies to provide these innovative solutions also to rural and small municipalities. and

3) Study visit at Radio Television Slovenia Multimedia Center: Local Multimedia BB Television good practice presentation;;; 

4) Study visit at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering:
MakerLab is a dedicated open lab at the University of Ljubljana that provides access to all the tools and skills students need to bring their coding, crafting and other innovative skills to life. Supported by university mentors and encouraged by competitions and other incentives, MakerLab assumes both a passive and proactive role in supporting innovation of students.

CloudMondo: The visions of CloudMondo is to establish a global, high-bandwidth WiFi network and create a global marketplace for a broad portfolio of OTT services. CloudMondo’s solution enables Internet access to become the 21st century’s utility accessible to everybody, everywhere at anytime. By utilizing the latest technological concepts such as Hardware Virtualization, Artificial Intelligence and delivering Services using the Cloud, CloudMondo provides very efficient and user friendly connectivity solution that is being used in many applications such us Education, Municipalities, Hospitality among others.  It is also being used by the ISPs to provide their customers the best possible Quality of Experience. By providing intuitive User experience Internet service can be provided and managed by anybody even by the people that don’t have technological background required to deploy and run such service today.

5) Study visit in Kranj: Municipality of Kranj, which has about 40000 inhabitants has deployed Connected Community Hub - CCH, an advanced solution, which will serve all citizen and visitors by aggregating data and communication services from all public institutions in the area into several unified communication channels, such as common Mobile applications, Digital signage system, common web portal, emailing and notification subsystem, social media and Web TV distribution and more. The Solution will preserve distributed administration and differentiated branding, while providing the best User Experience, common navigation, affordable deployment and security of Private Cloud.

6) Study visits in Ribnica:
Public Institute Ribnica Handicraft Centre:
Galis: Standards compliant collections management system, used in over 60 Slovenian museums and already a few foreign institutions. Regular updates and excellent user support included. With a range of connected services:

Yaskawa robots: Froc: Wooden highchair for kids from 6 months to 10 years of age. The chair was developed in a family company in Ribnica and enhanced with IoT in MakerLab Ljubljana:

7) Workshop on Social and Economic Return on Investment for partners and stakeholders on selection of indicators;