On 22 June 2022, Nicosia Development Agency (ANEL) organised a public presentation of the EURE State of Play Regional Report for Nicosia.

This occasion was also used for a brief presentation of the results of EURE Project, as well as the selected policy instrument (Operational Program “THALIA 2021 – 2027”) and the relevant strategy (OXA Strategy of Latsia and Yeri - Strategy for Sustainable Development of Latsia and Yeri).

Furthermore, ANEL used the opportunity to present the Action Plan, also developed within the framework of EURE Project and already approved by the Joint Secretariat (JS), and the relevant actions taken during its preparation. Special focus was given to proceeding with the selection of the proposed project “Urban Park of Palourokambos”.

Among the participants of this public event were Mayors of Nicosia District, Municipal Officers, Representatives of the Ministry of Energy, Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Interior, representatives of private organisations and NGOs.