Exploiting the lessons learnt and the exchange of experience at work since the beginning of the project, each EURE partner prepared an Action Plan for its territory. This roadmap includes actions that will be carried out to improve local policy instruments and enhance the sustainability of the local urban development strategies and upgrade the governance of key urban activities like waste management, water treatment and recycling.

  • Action Plan Pilsen Agglomeration
    Involvement of the key stakeholders in preparation and implementation of projects
    focused on adaptation to climatic changes - 3 Activities:
    Activity 1: Preparation of the List of Recommendation on how to increase the number of upcoming and implemented adaptation projects in view of the increased use of the ITI financial instrument.
    Activity 2: Presenting the List of Recommendation to the MA – Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Environment.
    Activity 3: Informing local stakeholders in the Pilsen agglomeration about the possibilities and advantages of using the integrated instrument for financing projects in the field of adaptation measures
  • Action Plan Riga
    Action 1: Definition of priority cooperation projects in the fields of cooperation identified at the level of Riga functional area
    Action 2: Development of a cooperation project pilot project and start of implementation for a resource-efficient urban environment
    Action 3: promotion of the development and accessibility of the old Riga (old town) public outdoor space, incl. development of green infrastructure
  • Action Plan Alba Iulia
    Preparation of a set of recommendations/guidelines for the inclusion of circular economy
    projects/actions as eligible for funding under Priority 3 - An Environmentally Friendly Region of the Regional Operational Program for the Centru Region and a corresponding evaluation grid for their assessment.
  • Action Plan Brittany
    Action: “Communication and preparation of a list of suggestions to better involve small urban Authority in the next ERDF programme 2021-2027 to help them to be final beneficiaries of the programme.”
    Activity 1: “Create and disseminate a newsletter on the possibilities of ERDF grants for ecological and energy transition, aimed at all cities, and inter-communalities in Brittany.”
    Activity 2: “Study led by Atlantic cities on how to increase the participation of small and medium-size urban Authorities in the ERDF Program (2021-2027) in Brittany, on Axis 3 projects.”
  • Action Plan Spain
    Establish Urban Functional Areas criteria for small cities in sparsely and low
    populated territories, to allow them to be included as possible beneficiaries for financing sustainable urban development
  • Action Plan Lubelskie
    Action 1: Update of the Regional Urban Policy following a participatory approach and with special attention to adaptation to climate change; current migration crisis and war in Ukraine.
    Action 2: Changes in the organisation chart of the Marshall Office of the Lubelskie Voivodship
  • Action Plan Nicosia
    Inclusion of a project in the OXA Strategies of Nicosia aiming at connecting the Urban Park of Palourokampos to the city as well as transforming the park to a pole of attraction and a reference point for the wider area.
  • Action Plan Tuscany
    The action aims to support the Managing Authority of the ROP ERDF 2014-2020 in the creation of an official Consulting Group among future Beneficiaries of next Urban Renewal Projects for a monitoring activity of all the development and implementation processes.