The Riga City Council is continuing its work on the EURE Action plan. One of the activities in the Action plan developed by the City of Riga is the development of public open spaces in the Vecrīga (Old Town), including the development of green infrastructure. Currently, the initial construction technical documentation is being prepared for the implementation of these actions, including the development of recommendations for green solutions. This will be completed by July of this year and reconstruction works could tentatively be started in 2025.

The main benefits of the project will be comfortable, barrier free and aesthetically pleasing environments that encourage walkability. These characteristics promote accessibility, by integrating more comfortable pavements (smooth surface stone slabs) in the streets of Old Town, while preserving the historical heritage as much as possible and implementing single design elements and principles of greenery.

Likewise, one of the planned activities in the Action plan is the development of a smart municipality project with regional impact. The City of Riga in close collaboration with the Riga Planning Region, is working on identifying and developing the project for the implementation of smart mobility planning solutions.

It has already been mentioned that the project strengthened targeted cooperation in the Riga metropolitan area, promoting more efficient use of urban resources, including increased support for implementing green infrastructure solutions in the city.