Project Events

4th Stakeholder Group Meeting in Magdeburg


4th Stakeholder Group Meeting in Magdeburg

Type: Project

2nd Stakeholder Group Meeting in Thessaly Region


Greek partner of Finch Project - Region of Thessaly - will organize its 2nd...

Type: Project

3rd Stakeholder Group Meeting, Italy


Italian Stakeholders meets for the third time to discuss FINCH Project's...

Type: Project

The 3rd Stakeholder Meeting hosted by RDA SW Oltenia


RDA SW Oltenia, the Romanian partner of Finch Project, will organize the third...

Type: Project

Lodzkie Region will host 5th IWM

23/10/2019 - 24/10/2019

Lodzkie Region, the Polish regional authority partner of Finch Project, will...

Type: Project

4th Finnish Stakeholder Group Meeting


Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia is organising the 4th Finnish Stakeholder...

Type: Project

FINCH presented at the EMAB 2019

19/09/2019 - 20/09/2019

University of Turin, on behalf of FINCH Project, will attend the annual EuroMed...

Type: Project

Fourth Interregional Workshop in Germany

12/06/2019 - 13/06/2019

FINCH partners are invited to Magdeburg (Germany) on the 12-13 June 2019 for...

Type: Project

The 2nd Stakeholder Meeting hosted by RDA SW Oltenia


RDA SW Oltenia will host the 2nd Stakeholder Meeting

Type: Project

Third FINCH Interregional Workshop in Finland

09/04/2019 - 10/04/2019

The third FINCH International Workshop Meeting takes place on 9–10 April 2019 in...

Type: Project