On October, 20th 2021 will be held the second webinar foreseen in the approved Regional Action Plan by Regione Piemonte  designed to consolidate expertise and skills of public officers and encourage the use of Public-Private Partnerships to support Cultural Heritage valorisation. 

The present webinar – designed by the Lead Partner in collaboration with FINCH Regional Stakeholder “Fondazione Fitzcarraldo” – is entitled Preconditions and territorial factors functional to the activation of PPPs and their sustainability in the short medium and long term. 

During the meeting, an in-depth analysis will be carried out on the "environmental" conditions - social, economic, political,  etc. - which, in the light of recent experiences, have played a central role in the activation and subsequent consolidation of the fiduciary relationship between public bodies and private entities for the purpose of cultural heritage valorization.

The discussion will also be supported by the participation of operators who will bring their direct experience of PPP for the enhancement of cultural heritage


Photo credits:  Ivan Samkov  / Pexels