FEVAL for a few days will become a unique showcase for the expansion of construction companies with the most relevant sectors in "Building Materials in Housing and Rehabilitation, Renewable Energy, Water Treatment and Purification, Municipalia, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Housing".

The new edition of the Iberian Construction Fair - FICON will host on November 24th in Don Benito (Badajoz) a roundtable about "THE MODEL OF ENERGY SERVICES IN THE INTEGRAL REHABILITATION OF BUILDINGS"

The Extremadura Energy Agency, in collaboration with the DG of Architecture of the Junta de Extremadura, organizes a roundtable with the objective of discussing whether the financing model used by energy service companies for the improvement (rehabilitation) of energy companies is applicable. installations reducing energy consumption, to the integral rehabilitation of the building which includes improvements in the envelope.

This Roundtable is part of the FINERPOL project - Financial Instruments for Energy Renewal policies, which aims to promote new policies that give financial support to the energy rehabilitation activity of buildings.

Moderator: José Timón Tiemblo. Technical Director of URVIPEXSA


  • Representative of PYMECON
  • Representative of the Construction Labor Foundation
  • Representative of ANESE

To get free entry to the fair and be able to access the event is necessary to register