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New partners for FlevoFood Association


Partnership for developing a brand for regional products of Flevoland

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Innovation of agri-food system in Emilia-Romagna


Conference "Innovation and research for the agri-food system in Emilia-Romagna":...

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5th Monitoring Board meeting, in Emilia-Romagna


The value of peer reviews and the importance of regional action plans have been...

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Food culture and regional identity in Emilia-Romagna


The Peer Review in Emilia-Romagna (Italy) focused on innovation of sustainable...

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The Peer Review in Emilia-Romagna is approaching!


The 5th and last Peer Review of the FoodChains 4 UE project, in Emilia-Romagna,...

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Newsletter no 4/2018


Overview of the second year of the FoodChains 4 EU project implementation

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"Good of Maramures" - Partnership for local products


A new stakeholders meeting within FC4EU, in Maramures

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Flevo Food Tour: what will we eat in 2050?


The 2nd edition of the Flevo Food Tour organized by Flevo Food Association...

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Peer Review in Maramures: Video and Photos


Peer Rewiew in Maramures, 5th-9th November 2018

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4th Monitoring Board Meeting, in Maramures


FC4EU's 4th Monitoring Board Meeting, to discuss the progress of the project:...

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The 4th Peer Review, in Maramures is approaching!


Maramures County will host the 4th Peer Review, Inter-regional Learning Workshop...

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3rd Monitoring Board meeting


During the 3rd Monitoring Board meeting of the FoodChains 4 EU project, the...

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