The consumers’ behavior during the pandemic period influenced the food chains evolution, due to the need for an increased confidence in authentic and quality local products. Taking into consideration these challenges, the implementation of Action Plan ”Development of food chain in Maramures County” developed within the FoodChains 4 EU project, met the consumer requirements and the food chains trends, offering to the local producers with quality products the opportunity to be promoted and protected by Good of Maramures labelling system.

7 local producers became members of Good of Maramures Association and applied the procedures to obtain the Good of Maramures label for 43 local representative products of the following ranges: canned vegetables, jams, meat products, oils and derived products.

The innovation of local food chains, another objective of our action plan, is materialized in a first stage, by developing Good of Maramures website:, where relevant information is available for both interested parts, consumers and producers. In order to apply for Good of Maramures labelling system, the producers have the possibility to consult the licensing methodology, criteria, application forms and advantages of Good of Maramures brand.

Moreover, the local consumers and guests who appreciate the flavor and quality of Maramures products can watch photos, descriptions and locations of Good of Maramures products, visiting the dedicated sections on the website and accessing the interactive map:

In the next period of Maramures Action Plan implementation, the Good of Maramures products will be promoted through online campaigns, catalogues and events. The Good of Maramures Association will organize free courses for its members, on business management and product promotion solutions. Furthermore, if the pandemic restrictions will be lifted or reduced, the Good of Maramures Association will support the participation of the licensed products at national and international food events, thus contributing to the valorization of local products representative for Maramures County.