On the 15th of December, the project consortium and invited guests came together online for the Future Ecom Final Dissemination Event. During this event, the project partners from 8 different regions were able to share and communicate results which have been achieved over three years of collaboration, learning from each other’s' policy makers and good practices to enable SMEs to exploit and benefit from a global internet driven market place and enhance digitisation and automation.

This successful virtual dissemination event involved over 50 participants and started with the welcome of the attendees by Eleni Anoyrkati from Coventry University Enterprises Ltd and a presentation on the state of play of the Interreg Europe Programme by Policy Officer Ségolène Jean. Following this there was a suite of presentations covering the main themes explored in the project such as: E-procurement, Smart Production and smart Factory, E-sales and Marketing and Future Currency.

Finally, stakeholders from each region discussed how the project positively impacted their particular regions and how they expect the projects legacy to influence the regions in the future. The project will continue its work by looking at Covid-19 responses with regards to B2B ecommerce in 2022.