From 16th to 18th April 2019, GPP-STREAM project partners from all 5 countries gathered together again for the second transnational learning event that took place in Alzira, Spain.

During the event major Spain institutions presented best GPP practices. The consortium should identify at least 50 best GPP practices, 10 in each country. Besides, part of the event schedule was a site-visit demonstrating GPP approach in Alzira, Spain.

The project partner “Association of Municipalities of Ribera Alta Region - MANRA” was hosting the event. All GPP-STREAM stakeholders were invited to attend. They had the opportunity to gather and to discuss ongoing and upcoming activities of GPP-STREAM.

The project will proceed with publishing of 50 best GPP practices – 10 in each country – that will be described and uploaded on the project website. Besides, 3 more transnational learning events will be held in Romania, France and Bulgaria correspondingly.