First GPP Roundtable on Identification of Priority Groups of Goods, Services and Construction for Municipal Development Plan of Gabrovo Municipality

The Round Table was the first of a series of discussions, organised by Gabrovo Municipality within the GPP Stream project. It was attended by 20 representatives of local and national institutions (municipalities, District Government, the Bulgarian Public Procurement Agency, Directorate of Central Balkan National Park, Regional Hospital), NGOs and funds in support of local and regional development. The objective of the forum was to present the legal framework for GPP and to stimulate a discussion on identifying the priority groups of goods, services and construction, to be laid out as GPP focus in the Municipal Development Plan of Gabrovo. Nikolay Dimitrov, Head of Public Procurement and Concession Agreements Department of Gabrovo municipality, made an overview of existing procurement practices and challenges, incl. criteria and standards used, and market and administrative challenges faced. The Roundtable also identified collaboration interest and potential with institutional stakeholders on GPP.

Various aspects to be considered in the process of developing the methodology for GPP integration, implementation and monitoring in the Municipal Development Plan were discussed, e.g. need for GPP awareness raising of both general public and institutional and business stakeholders; building administrative capacity and improving the levels of effective implementation of GPP in the municipality; GPP planning, based on local needs assessment; identification of cross-linkages of GPP with other local policies and plans .