CESME and GRESS are networking

Networking and cross fertilization among different projects, tackling similar problems and challenges, unleashes creativity, collaboration, and amplifies results.

Sometimes, organizations participating in a project are partners of other Interreg projects working on similar topics and issues, and this can be an opportunity to foster meetings to exchange information and methodologies.

On the 12th of January, during the GRESS partners meeting, Valeria Stacchini of Metropolitan City of Bologna, presented the Interreg Europe project CESME

The CESME project addressed SME inclusion in the circular economy. Its interregional meetings identified good practices aiming to examine how regional and local authorities and business development agencies, can improve relevant policy instruments and design support packages, to assist SMEs to enter the circular economy.

The CESME project started in April 2016 and ended in September 2020 and now, a new additional phase, CESME+, related to mitigation measures about Covid 19, started in October 2020 and will finish in March 2023.

A lot of points of contact emerged between the two projects: they both addressed SMEs and how to better support entrepreneurship; the difficulties that SMEs encounter because of their small dimensions but at the same time their flexibility that help them to be more adaptable to changes; the aim to be included in green economy and to take advantage of it.

Partners were enthusiastic of this exchange and are very interested in sharing also methodological information about the action plan development and how to better present actions in the elaboration phase; they are looking forward for new occasions to meet the CESME partnership.

In the next months, there will be further opportunities for the two projects to liaise through workshops and meetings.