Norsjór won the business competition in 2022

The start-up company Norsjór won in the final of the Sustainable business idea competition. Norsjór is building a laser system to remove fouling on ships. The solution can contribute to a significant reduction in fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions.

Norsjór competed against the companies Mykos and Vantu in this year's final, which took place at Thon Hotel Norge in Kristiansand on Thursday, 3 November. County mayor Arne Thomassen presented the diploma to Nordsjór, which can now receive the support of up to NOK 150,000 for office space, advice and services for further business development.

Founder and general manager Amalie Eilertsen presented the concept to the jury and audience. Briefly explained, Nordsjór is building an underwater laser system to remove fouling on ships. Among other things, this reduces fuel consumption and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25 per cent. The solution thus answers fundamental challenges for the maritime industry. The company has already received support from Innovation Norway and is now looking for local private investors and partners associated with the blue sector. Besides Eilertsen, the team consists of Arne K. Drangsholt, Kennet Karlsen and Jarle Haugereid.

Strong finalists

The three finalists all had excellent and sustainable business ideas. They received a lot of good feedback from the judging panel, which consisted of the regional director of DNB, Helge Hammersbøen, managing director of Innoventus Sør, Kamilla Sharma, a partner in BDO Jostein Håland and head of Business Region Kristiansand Geir. A. Haugum.

Tom Logmate presented for Vantu, which will use satellite data and algorithms to help camper van travellers find lovely places to visit without putting pressure on nature. Vantu is a companion app that uses deep learning to allow the user to find suitable accommodations. The company was established after the team won the EU-supported idea development competition Cassini Hackaton in May 2022 and is qualified for stage 2 of Kjeller Innovations and the European Space Agency's incubator program Nordic Launch.

Betine Bjørdal and Tor Trosten presented to Mykos. They will make packaging and shipping packaging, especially packaging for shipping fish, using raw materials from Norwegian forests. Market research has been carried out, and the development of a prototype is underway. Fish crates are today made of Styrofoam, and charterers of fish are an important target group for the company. The material is degradable and completely free of harmful substances. Mykos will conduct research and development work and is now looking for local partners. The company originates in the master's study SHIFT innovation and entrepreneurship at UiA.

Last year's winner – Pleco Marine, is awarded the "Student million"

Pleco Marine, which won the competition in 2021, was founded by five master's students at UiA for approx. 1.5 years ago. Tobias Øverli, who is one of the founders, talked about their progress so far and could say that they have also been awarded the "student million" (subsidy for student entrepreneurship "STUD-ENT") from Innovation Norway.

STUD-ENT aims at newly graduated students who will establish their businesses based on knowledge acquired through studies. Students must be nearing the end of their master's degree or have recently completed their education. The establishment aims to build the business by developing new solutions that the market demands. The financing can be used to establish a profitable business model and launch the key in the market. STUD-ENT grants are awarded to innovative projects with significant growth potential in the international market