On January 28, the European project HIGHER, coordinated by the UAB Research Park, organizes the closing ceremony of the project with an online event, which will present experiences and good practices on the management and implementation of regional policies designed to promote innovation projects.

During more than four years, eight European institutions have been collaborating in the interregional cooperation project HIGHER (Better Policy Instruments for High Innovation Projects in the European Regions) to define new dynamics of open and collaborative innovation. The objective of the project, financed with 1.8 million euros for the Interreg Europe program, was to share and exchange good practices between different European regions to achieve innovative models of public private partnerships suitable to mobilize investment in smart specialization areas and fostering an entrepreneurial discovery process.

The HIGHER Final Conference, under the title "Getting higher with innovation", will present the main results of the project and share the best practices and actions of each region that have helped to strengthen the competitiveness of the business and the regional economic development, through smart specialization and the promotion of innovation projects under public private partnerships.  

Specifically, different experiences will be presented by the Central Region of Macedonia, of Greece; by the Lithuanian Innovation Center; by Nordregio, from Sweden; by the Center of Excellence and Innovation in the Automotive Industry, from Portugal, and the Association of Urban Municipalities of Slovenia. 

The event will also include a round table with different entities of the quadruple helix from the different regions: representatives of local administrations, clusters, companies, research or technology centers and universities. 

Participation in the conference is free, but registration is required using the following registration form. The event will be will be streamed live online at UAB Research Park's Youtube channel

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