The HIGHER project is addressed to achieve innovative models of public private partnerships suitable to mobilize investment in related smart specialization areas and fostering an entrepreneurial discovery process in driving innovation process of the policy instruments. This will be achieved through the analysis of nine policy instruments from one of each region involved in the project to promote the innovation projects under public private partnerships. 

The partners of the project are evaluating these instruments and try to identify which are their main weaknesses, strengths and threats, developing a learning process to overcome the main obstacles around them and enhancing a better and more efficient implementation. 

All policy instrument analyzed have points in common, as they are all cofounded by regional European Structural Funds, linked to the approved smart specialization strategy for every region, and they are linked to the public-private collaboration of agents of the quadruple helix model. Moreover, they present linked problems or issues to be improved, especially related to the still relative low presence of the private investments and collaboration science-industry.

We will share the SWOT analysis of each policy instrument next September.