The consortium of Inno4Sports is organising a Bridge e-Event on Wednesday 24th February 2021 between 10.00h and 12.30h (CET).

The Bridge e-Event will provide an overview of the achievements in Phase 1 of the Inno4Sports project, that ends in February 2021. The five participating regions will present their learnings and their regional ambitions and action plans to stimulate the position of Sport for Growth, Healthy & Vital Communities. Furthermore, the Bridge e-event will provide an insight in the actions that will be done in the coming 2 years - in the Phase 2 of the project: Implementation and Monitoring of Actions through Regional Action Plans.

The Bridge e-Event includes keynote speakers representing the regions of South Netherlands, Lapland, Valencia, Lodz and Debrecen. In addition, the e-Event will be attended by Regional Managing Authorities, as well as relevant European stakeholders which are actively contributing to boost the performance and efficiency of regional development programmes (policy instruments) to make them better support innovation and business creation in the field of sport and vitality.

Hence, the Bridge e-Event will provide a deeper insight on each Region’s Action Plan and the impact that Inno4Sports project already has and will have on both regional and European level.

For further information, hereunder the Agenda of the Bridge e-Event: